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kulkarnisanket47 , 03-01-2021, 06:37 AM
I want to be a Product Developer, which develops a Product based on specification under a standard. I want to establish myself as a person in Industry who is known for delivering an end-to-end Product from Hardware to Firmware.
Note: Product Development means "Reading the specification for the product, the component selection, and Hardware Design, Product case design, then testing in labs by paying 10-20 Lakh in Indian Rupees for Commercial License (or Military or Medicine grade) and then the sale of the product in the market in mass production.
Lakshmi , 03-04-2021, 05:34 AM
That's good and all the best.
But what are you looking for, from this forum...
Are you looking for courses in Hardware design and Firmware OR to answer your particular question?
If the first, then have a look over here: https://academy.fedevel.com/

If you've any specific questions on the course, send an email to info@fedevel.com or post here.
kulkarnisanket47, 03-15-2021, 01:55 AM
How can I practice new product development? For ex. I want to design a complex board for practice, can you recomend me some resources on which board to design from scratch?
Lakshmi , 03-15-2021, 03:44 AM
An open source project based on Freescale iMX6 Processor. Download FREE Schematic, PCB Layout, Gerber files and all production documents here >>

Read datasheets, application notes and then have a look at the Evaluation board and look for some open boards.
robertferanec , 03-20-2021, 03:50 AM
@kulkarnisanket47, please, be aware, complex boards take hundreds of hours to design them + they are not cheap to build.

PS: Some people create their projects based on our imx6rex.com ( as @Lakshmi already mentioned). You can download there design files for a quite complex boards: https://www.imx6rex.com/ - if you like you can use them for your practicing
kulkarnisanket47, 03-21-2021, 09:54 AM
Thank you Sir for your inputs. I have started my design, where can I get the Sample format of the Product Requirement Document? Also, any other Document which a PCB Designer needs in the PCB Development phase.
robertferanec , 03-22-2021, 06:47 AM
We have never used any special document to create specification. Maybe in a big company, but I do not think it is necessary to have a specific document for it.
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