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Flashing Emmc With Programmer

Voynich , 05-01-2019, 01:07 AM

Regarding profesional way of doing things I always ask why the only way I found of flashing emmc with a Linux Image is doing through sd card. There is nothing wrong with in it, but when you plan to manufacture thousand of boards , it's time to review this way of doing, because manufacturer time begin to be gold. Could you suggest some standard way to flash emmc with emmc programmer? Hidden sectors of emmc memory is always a headache.

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robertferanec , 05-01-2019, 07:41 AM
I would boot up into bootloader and flashed eMMC through network. That still should work ok when manufacturing thousand of boards.
Paul van Avesaath , 05-02-2019, 05:43 AM
you can also ask Emmc manufacturer to pre-program the device with your code. so it boots up straight after power up.. usually you reall really make sure your code is good and unpgradable before doing this,, because if you want to change after first production run there will be mostlikely be a big stock of hte pre programmed device some were in a warehouse.. but it really helps with the programming time!
Voynich , 08-16-2019, 01:23 PM
That's my idea Paul , manufacturer , distributor or service. The problem is the quantity. Manufacturer requires high volume of pieces, distributor or services offers same service with lower volume. In order to solve the problem you describe , "wrong software" there is two possibilities : check well software and other , make a prototype order.

If anybody know service like that, I'm still interested.
robertferanec , 08-19-2019, 02:13 AM
Usually our assembly house flash the chips and it doesn't really matter on volume (smaller volume, more expensive it is to manufacture the board, but they can do everything ... assembly, soldering, checking, testing, programming, ...).

Maybe check with your assembly house what the problem is - maybe they do not want to invest into buying the programmer? Maybe if you provide the programmer they can flash your firmware also for smaller quantities? Just an idea.
Paul van Avesaath , 08-21-2019, 06:22 AM
yes 1st ask your supplier and your assembly/manufacturer because they should be able to do this.
second another constraint will be the packaging! they have to be able to re-reel them or something similar for the manufacturer to be able to have them placed..

I had one instance were it was cheaper to buy a second programmer and lending it to the manufacturer.. but in some cases it might just be they do not want to do it..

on the other side i have made some products that get programmed with SD-card.. just supplied the manufacturer with a frame ours hold 18 cards at the same time.. so I supplied 18 sd cards.. and they program them manually (or at least the bootloader part)

so it all depends on what you want, wat you want to pay for it, what your assembly house will charge and or what the component vender has for options..

but be aware there are massive downsides to do it like this.. if something is wrong with your code you can brick you devices.. and in the end you will be responsible for it..
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