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*Error* quotient: Attempted to divide by zero

Shahriar sakib , 10-28-2022, 01:06 PM
I want to import my Altium PCB file in allegro using the Altium PCB translator. But during import, such an error comes. What is its solution? What best way to import Altium's project file into Cadence Allegro?​
robertferanec , 11-02-2022, 08:36 AM
I am sorry, I don't really know. Try to delete the footprint from altium file to see if it goes through? Maybe ... that is what I would try.
Shahriar sakib , 11-02-2022, 10:47 AM
If I want to simulate the PCB file of Altium in allegro, then in which format would it be better to import the file of Altium in allegro?​
robertferanec , 11-12-2022, 02:30 AM
Most simulation softwares support importing ODB++ files
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