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Schematic and PCB tabs.

GCopper , 12-13-2020, 06:25 PM
How to manage/organize the project tabs (SCH and PCB) in OrCAD Capture CIS? I am following the Learn OrCAD and Allegro Essentials course. I am in lesson 3 and tried to add the original project to copy stuff for the cover page schematic sheet; all the tabs got scrambled. I couldn't put them back. I am using the 17.2 version.
robertferanec , 12-14-2020, 04:52 AM
Can you attach a screenshot?
GCopper , 12-15-2020, 10:45 PM
Hi Robert,
the screenshot is attached. what I did is a left-click on the tab and hit the restore option by mistake, which made all tabs just float around??
robertferanec , 12-18-2020, 04:21 AM
I have the latest version of viewer and it is done differently so I can't exactly replicate your problem. But, did you try right click on the tab? Possibly, have a look inside Menu: Window? It somehow can be done, it has happen to me couple of times before.
GCopper , 12-18-2020, 01:35 PM
Hi Robert,
Thank you, I figured it out. Left-click on the tab and click on "Maximize," and boom, it's back!!
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