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Requirement for hardware design engineer

Shahriar sakib , 08-15-2023, 02:10 PM
Hello Sir, I want to know one thing that is what are the requirements to be pcb designer or hardware design engineer. Since I have completed bsc on electronics. What is necessary to become a hardware design engineer!?​​​​
qdrives , 08-15-2023, 03:04 PM
I do not know if this will help you, but I have a bsc in industrial automation. Now I design electronics, schematic and layout, and create the software (firmware and GUI).
What you need is a passion to learn, some people that can guide you and, most of all, an opportunity. But that is just how I got to where I am now.
If one or both of the last are lacking, there are the learning video's and DIY projects.
Paul van Avesaath , 08-15-2023, 03:40 PM
I agree with @qdrives it is not a mix you can learn from a book, just starting stuff and finish it.. experiecing every issue and solving them is the way to go.. asking for help is never wrong and even after 18 years of doing this i still learn new things every design.

start making designs that you think are interesting. or were you see a need. as an example i had a pi4 that i needed to intergrate in a car, but due to fact a car can shut down instantly the pi needed to have "ups" style board attached to it to shut down properly each time. there are some out there but they did not meet my expectations.. so i designed my own. it still has quirks but it does the job fine.. so if i would do a redesign i would change a few things .. but you will take that experience to every other design you make..

and for layout experience you want to try different approaches to wiring it up.. i sometimes do things over and over maybe 7-8 times before i like the end result. yes it takes time. but you will learn a lot of tricks this way and gain insight on the options you have...

when i have to train new collegues, i let them go and try stuff over and over again. everybody has his own way of designing en making things, but a design has to have "flow"
draw your schematics as you need it implemented on the pcb. do not download every component but make the schematic symbols work for you.., this way you will create a good understanding.
e.g. if a cap needs to be close to a pin then draw it close to that pin. etc etc.
i prefer making a seperate block for th epower pins so the design does not become cluttered with decoupling caps etc. but that is my style. to each his or her own method af course!

just start designing things you like. and find a job were you are able to learn from a more experienced collegue.that is the fastest way.

robertferanec , 08-22-2023, 10:25 AM
What makes a good hardware design engineer is experience and attitude.

My advice: designing, building, debugging, testing and ..... getting experience from all these. You can do that on your own projects or/and at job.

Everyone has to go through that. Many young people think, that older people use experience as an excuse, however there really is a big difference between someone starting and someone experienced. It's NOT possible for someone who is just starting to design a complex project (for example with 50 pages of schematic) and make it right. There is a lot of space for mistakes and we all make them when starting e.g. mistakes in footprints, mistakes in symbols, swapping pins, pull up/down resistors, .... So, to become good, you just have to go through it
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