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How can we change LDO bypassed to LDO enabled in iMAX6Q ?

Kulunu , 11-01-2018, 11:50 PM
Hi All,

My custom hardware is based on i.MAX6Q processor and 800MHz Alliance memory.

1) According to following table (Attached here with) how can I set LDO regulator to enable mode ? Which file has included following settings. I'm using nitrogen 6 max board related dtsi and uboot files. As well as I have used Open Rex dtbs as well. Can you tell me which dtsi or uboot file has included following terms ?

2) What are the default settings of the LDO regulator in kernel (In Open Rex) ? Is that LDO enable or LDO bypass ? Do you know any method to see the present status of the LDO in kernel ? Using devrgs command ?

When I read PMU_REG_CORE register using devrgs tools will it give the present settings ?
devregs 0x020C8140

3) Can we set this LDO settings in uboot ?

4) And also some of my custom hardware designs are not working when it is 1.2V for VDDSOC_IN and when I run GPU is highly stressed application. But when I give 1.375V to VDDSOC_IN, I can stress GPU more. Can you comment on this ? Can't I stress the GPU when I'm using LDO bypass mode(1.2V) ?


robertferanec , 11-05-2018, 04:38 AM
Hi Kulunu, I have not touch these settings. If you bought some boards from VOIPAC, try to ask them - they do all the official software for iMX6 Rex boards: https://www.voipac.com/
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