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File system on the OpenRex board on linux (S/N- 00064)

imsaditya , 06-27-2018, 06:37 AM

I was trying to work with file-systems for the OpenRex Linux kernel that we just developed by cross-compilation. So, now I was having some doubts about this matter :

1) Can we just pick up any Linux distribution available on the internet and make our own file-system using the .iso image files?
If yes, then could you please explain how?

2) If that is not possible and file-system must be specifically built for the development board we're working on, then could you suggest how to develop and work on our own file-system?

robertferanec , 06-29-2018, 05:59 AM
@imsaditya, you will need drivers for specific board. The thing is, that you may want to work with what is provided from NXP. Otherwise it may be a lot of work and some things, like drivers, you may never be able to recompile for your specific target system. I know, that some time ago, the graphics drivers were pre-compiled (only binaries were available). You may be able to move these binaries between some filesystems, but I am not sure if it will work everywhere.

Here you can find some info from these old days:
- http://jas-hacks.blogspot.com/2013/1...-3109-100.html
- http://jas-hacks.blogspot.com/2013/1...eleration.html

Maybe the situation is now different.
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