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How to change the video speed?

flyforward , 08-03-2018, 01:25 PM
Hi Robert,

Do you know whether there is a way to change the speed of the video? I knew chrome has an add-on for HTML5 but not for the flash.

Thank you very much,

robertferanec , 08-08-2018, 03:21 AM
Hi @flyforward, this will be possible in our new portal what we are working on. Current portal doesn't support it (I looked into this as I also often play videos in 1.5x or 2x speed, but because we are using RTMP streaming, that doesn't support speed change).
PS: The new portal is still in early stage, I do not know when exactly it will be released to public - we are planning by the end of this year.
northport , 03-04-2019, 08:44 AM
Hi Robert, any updates on the new platform? Not being able to speed up the videos is my biggest issue with the streaming products (and that alone isn't worth 3x for the download).
robertferanec , 03-04-2019, 09:15 AM
Today I have played a video on the new platform Still a lot of work to do, but we may have something for first testing next month. However, I am not sure for which courses - it takes some time to upload there all the courses. Summer is more realistic.

It is taking longer than what I was expecting ... everything usually does
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