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Advanced PCB Layout Course - Altium version to use

KonstEng , 07-23-2018, 05:34 AM
Dear Robert,

I just bought the Advanced PCB Layout course and I am about to start with it.
My first question is what version of Altium Designer you advise for this course.
The best option from my point of view is to use the same version you are using while presenting the course.

Best regards,
Konstantinos Papadopoulos
robertferanec , 07-24-2018, 06:44 AM
Hello Konstantinos,

with any version up to AD17 you should be completely fine. There were not big differences.

From AD18 and up, some things are a little bit different, but if you are already familiar with AD18, you should not have any problems.

I keep saying, our courses are about hardware design. Altium Designer is just a tool used for demonstration. Using Altium makes it easier to follow Advanced PCB Layout Course, but even if you are using completely different CAD system, you still can learn a lot.

But to answer your question directly, yes, using the same version is absolutely the easiest (you can see the version of Altium in the video, just check the top blue bar)

Have a great day,
- Robert
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