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Question related to Lesson4: Learn essentials of creating Uboot, yocto and linux

meera , 03-03-2023, 08:40 PM
Hello Sir, In Lesson 4, during the first 4 minutes (pointer, so that my question is clearly understood), you said that compiled Uboot image is loaded in the processor memory and later if it works it is loaded into spi flash. Questions are,
1. what is the size of uboot image loaded into the processor memory?
2. what is the functionality of this uboot image loaded into the processor memory (such as uart initialization, ddr ram initialization etc.)

I have another question related to the pins information of the processor. In sabresd, imx6 processor, the pins information is there in a single header file, i.e. all pins of the imx6 processor are defined in the mx6q-pins.h. when I open the file, it says it is auto-generated file, do not edit. My question is,
1. who provides this file to me/ us? how is it generated?
2. Is it possible for me/ us to generate the pins file (in case of a customized third-party processor), in case I do not have it in the uboot folder given to me by chip manufacturer. What is the procedure to generate this file and what all information do I need to have to generate the same.
3. Is it still possible to build uboot without the complete pins information of the processor in the uboot folder, in that case what is the minimal pins information I need and where to keep it (which folder) to build the uboot for my board?
robertferanec , 03-04-2023, 01:04 AM
1. once you compile it, you can see the binary size. The size will depend on what everything you include.
2. uBoot initializes all the interfaces needed to load OS (exactly as you said, for example DDR, uart, but also ethernet, sd card, ....)

1. 2. 3. honestly, I don't remember, I think NXP may have a tool where you can configure pins, but this keeps changing. Maybe have a loot at something like this: https://www.nxp.com/design/designs/c...NFIG-TOOLS-IMX
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