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nehgh , 12-18-2020, 03:45 PM
Hi Robert,

'I just finished your Advance PCB Course helped me a LOT! You did remarkable job by putting this course together. Could you also please create a course on High Voltage PCB Design (considerations, dos and don'ts, layer stack etc). I would be the first one to buy/attend the course.

Thanks a lot,
robertferanec , 12-19-2020, 03:10 AM
Thank you very much @nehgh. I do not have much experience with High Voltage boards. However if you have specific questions, you can try to ask here - I have seen some people answering these kind of questions.
qdrives , 12-21-2020, 11:54 AM
The main (only?) difference between high voltage routing and low voltage (< 10V) are the creapage and clearance.
You can find tables in IEC 60664 and/or IPC2221.
One question: what do you consider high?
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