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ORcad course lessen 4 (Min 44)

M. Namvar , 08-17-2020, 03:52 AM
Hi Robert

i am using orcad 17.4 and it is different from 17.2.

In 44 minutes of lesson 4 for measuring line width , can you tell the name of the buttons you press.

M. Namvar , 08-17-2020, 03:53 AM
sorry and thank you
robertferanec , 08-17-2020, 08:44 AM
It is General Edit button. You can find the information about current Edit Mode in the status bar.
M. Namvar , 08-17-2020, 09:06 PM
General edit button,thanks Robert .

I found it.

First time to fire up 17.4 and what the heck? I can not believe or understand the need to change the icons. I've got eye-muscle memory and literally am hunting
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