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Linux compilation process in Advanced Hardware Design course

EricGene , 07-19-2020, 12:00 PM

I am currently on the second lesson of the Advanced Hardware Design course and have found it difficult to follow along for the Linux compilation. Currently I have Ubuntu 20.04 LTS installed on WMware Workstation 15 Player. Where does the *EZSDK_Hints_V211.txt file or the ti-ezsdk_dm81x-evm_5_04_00_11 folder come from? I tried looking through the lesson folders and could not find them. It is not apparent what the student needs to do at this point in the lesson in order to follow along. The transition to Linux appears to occur around 15 minutes into the video. Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

robertferanec , 07-25-2020, 12:54 AM
@EricGene - that is just a Bonus video, it is not really part of the course, it is to just to give you an idea how it works. If you would like to learn more about compiling Linux, have a look at this our course: Learn the Essentials of creating uBoot, Linux and YOCTO https://academy.fedevel.com/courses/...inux-and-yocto
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