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Which course - Learn Altium essentials or Learn to design you own board?

samosm , 06-20-2019, 01:17 PM
Hello everybody!

I am new to Altium Designer and to PCB design so I would like to take a course to learn.
The Fedevel Academy offers two starter courses, one is the Learn altium essentials where you design a switching power supply, and the other is Learn to design your own board where you design an Arduino like PCB.

My wish is to learn as much as possible about Altium since I will use it to manufature actual electronics.

Therefore I would like to know, which course would be more appropriate?

Learn Altium essentials has 6 lessons which are about 1 hour and a half long. For the same price the Learn to design your own board has 10 lessons which are 1 hour and a half long. The descriptions of the courses are about the same so I can't really tell the difference or the reason why there are two separate courses.

What are actually the differences between the courses? Which do you recomend and why?

Thank you all,

robertferanec , 06-24-2019, 08:56 AM
This is the simple answer:

Learn Altium Essentials
- Take this in case you would like to continue with Advanced courses. You quickly become familiar with Altium and then you learn the other things in the Advanced courses:

Learn to Design Your own Boards
- Take this course in case you do not want to continue with other courses. This course completely covers designing a simple board with all the steps to do it professionally, just it doesn't go too much into details why to do it. Also you will be designing a very simple board, so it doesn't cover more advanced and complex designs:

Here is comparison:
Page not found. You have landed in the wrong place. You will not find FEDEVEL educational courses on this page.

Hope this helps.

PS: Maybe it would be interesting to hear also what other people think
samosm , 06-25-2019, 11:56 PM
Thank you Robert.
I'm planning on taking the advanced courses aswell, so I guess that Learn Altium essentials course will be more appropriate.

Just one more question;
I have watched the videos that you have uploaded to Youtube on Altium tutorial for beginners. The videos are excellent and you do a great job in teaching.
My question is, how does the Learn Altium essentials course differ from what you already teach there?

Thank you,

robertferanec , 06-28-2019, 01:58 AM
If you know how to use Altium, you do not need to take the essentials course. The goal of the course is to make it easier for you to move in Altium quickly and confident when you will be working on Advanced Courses.

On youtube I only have step-by-step videos about a very simple circuits (e.g. the LED circuit). Learn Altium Essentials and Learn to Design Your Own Boards are more complex step-by-step designs - so you learn on a more realistic projects - you are designing there boards what may be closer to what you may need to design (and I also speak there about other things, e.g. how we choose components, what is important, what to be careful about ...).
samosm , 06-28-2019, 06:26 AM
Thank you the support Robert.

I will start with the essentials course and then move to the advanced one.

Best regards,

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