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Tackling Error/Warning Messages

yu-hao.cheng@terex.com , 04-19-2016, 08:39 AM
Hi everyone,

I am studying your Switching Power Supply Design Course of part 2 but when I tried to compile my file, this error message pops out. My questions are:

1.) Get rid of floating objects.
2.) How can I edit duplicated pins in a schematic ?
3.) Sometimes when I click the error message to examine the source of the error, the panel does not indicate me to the source, how should I solve that? An example is the “Duplicate Net Names Wire NetR1_1”

Thank you For Your Help!
robertferanec , 04-19-2016, 09:15 AM
Hi @yu-hao.cheng@terex.com

- About the duplicated pin: I guess, within one schematic symbol you have some pins with the same designator e.g. in your resistor you probably have Pin 1 placed twice. You need to correct this in the library.

- About the floating nets: Please, could you double check the "electrical end" of the pins in your components? Many times happen, that this floating error is caused by placing the pins the wrong direction.

If you have a careful look, you will see, that only one side of pin is electrical (there is a small white square). This is the side of the pin which has to face out of the schematic symbol and this is the side of the pin where you need to connect the net.

Can you see the small white square?

yu-hao.cheng@terex.com , 04-19-2016, 02:27 PM
Thank you Robert, it is able to compile now.
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