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How the port sheet cross ref changes?

zeino , 02-24-2016, 09:04 PM
When changing the sheet numbering as in the Schm Video (2nd Course) in (imx53 BaseBoard Project) the sheets numbering change but the cross reference of ports in the sheets do not update accordingly. Do you know how this error could be corrected. I was thinking as a cross reference it should change automatically but it seems it doesn't.
zeino , 02-24-2016, 09:09 PM
Found it here: http://altiumpcbdesigner.blogspot.ca...eferences.html

Goto Report, add cross reference to project!
zeino , 02-24-2016, 09:18 PM
Seems the cross references are messed up and give compile error after rearranging the pages.
mairomaster , 02-25-2016, 01:37 AM
Hi zeino,

I am not sure if the cross reference numbers are supposed to be updated automatically. You might need to remove them and add them again, after re-arranging pages and changing page numbers. You can leave adding them for when the schematics are ready and arranged, so you don't need to update them every time when you change something.
zeino , 02-25-2016, 03:39 PM
Thanks Mairomaster, that is what I did. I removed the cross reference.
robertferanec , 02-27-2016, 02:05 AM
@zeino as I know, cross reference numbers are not updated automatically (unless Altium changed it in some latest updates)
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