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Use differential switch with 2 single-end signal

Tanachai Limpisawas , 08-24-2022, 12:13 AM
Hi everyone,

Is there any problem if I use a differential signal switch with 2 single-end signals example this switch: PI3DBS16212ZBBEX Diodes Incorporated | Integrated Circuits (ICs) | DigiKey

Thank you.
robertferanec , 08-24-2022, 02:04 AM
I would probably ask the company - just in case as it's not clear what exactly is inside of the chip.
Tanachai Limpisawas, 08-24-2022, 02:10 AM
Thank you for your recommend.
qdrives , 08-29-2022, 02:08 PM
I would simply say that as long as you stay within the operating specifications (voltage, current, etc.) there is no problem driving single ended signals through this switch.
As Rick Hartley stated some times, differential signals on a board are like two single ended signals as each of them references the return plane and hardly each other (<5%).
Tanachai Limpisawas, 08-30-2022, 01:08 AM
Thanks, qdrives. I have asked the vendor as Robert suggestion and found the example switch has a common-mode detection circuit, and the impedance 20kOhm between them. Then I plan to add the additional switch to handle the single-ended signal instead.ref : https://community.nxp.com/t5/Other-N...M/td-p/1510760
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