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Encoder and Hall Sensors

abdelkarim , 12-16-2021, 01:13 AM
Hello, I have a brushless dc motor and i want to read data from it's encoder and hall sensor. My problem is that i'm not sure if i can connect the outputs of Encoder and Hall Sensors directely into the microcontroller or i should use another IC between sensor and microcontroller .
So can you help me what's the best solution or what should i do exactelly ??
Roibert , 12-16-2021, 01:57 AM
In the datasheet of your encoder, look at VoH min (min voltage out ) of the Out Pin usend for communication; then compare with the ViH min of your uController.
Same with input pin of encoder, and out pin of uC.
If they fit, you dont need a interface; if they dont fit, you need a level translator (google it).

qdrives , 12-16-2021, 08:49 AM
You should not connect encoder nor hall signals directly to a microcontroller unless it is mounted on the same board.
It is not only a voltage level that you need to look at.
- EMC noise
- Load current
As you use this data to control the motor with high current and voltage (compared to the feedback) you create more noise (both EMC and audible, see second item above)
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