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Editing Components in Layout

tariq1996 , 11-24-2020, 06:30 AM
Hello there,
I have a small issue here, which is, if I have a rule violations about (Silk To Solder Mask), then, I need to change the silk of the component to fits into it.
I tried to go to the component properties, then, unlock the primitives to be able to edit the silk screen, but unfortunately, some parts I was able to and the others no!, but to be clear, I was able to edit the slik and manipulate with it, but I couldn't delete it!
Please if you have any Idea about how can I delete the slik, that would be grateful.
qdrives , 11-24-2020, 03:31 PM
I never edit the silk from a component in the layout. In my production document I state the remark "Clip silkscreen from the pads". This is also a standard action for fabricators.
It would be great if Altium adds an option to clip it (with rules) when exporting the board to gerber, ODB++ or IPC2581.
It can do it with CAM editor, but it is nightmare and additional manual steps.
The best to design a good as possible to prevent silk from going over pads, but I do not have that rule enabled just because I cannot prevent it. I do not want any error or warning when the board is finished (all fixed).
goncaloc , 11-25-2020, 05:18 AM
Hi Tariq

it is always better to edit the original footprint and make sure this kind of restriction is taken in account when designing your footprint.

With that said , is your component locked ( The location )? When the component is locked you can't delete parts from it.
robertferanec , 11-28-2020, 02:42 AM
If possible I also try to avoid editing footprints in PCB.

However sometimes I do make a small silk adjustment, just it has to be at the end of the design process as if that footprint is updated, it would revert all the changes. Also, the changes can not be critical, more like "cosmetic" - so if in future the footprints are updated and someone forget to adjust the changes, no harm is going to be done.

So in your case, I would maybe consider to adjust the placement. Possibly you can have two different footprints - one with full outline, one with minimum outline.

PS: I am not sure why it was not possible to edit silk on some of your parts. I have not seen this kind of problem.
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