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Manufacturing and Testing ISL6236A board from Learn Altium Essentials Second Edition

Louiseworks Inc. , 09-25-2020, 01:20 PM
Hello Robert and other forum users,

I noticed in the advertisement for the Learn Altium Essentials Second Edition course -- which I just completed -- on this page there is a version of the board that is manufactured and assembled.

I am talking with a local fabrication house who can make six layer board, and have created a Bill of Materials that matches the template they use. I have also added four mounting holes on the corners of the board using pads with 2mm diameters to fit 2M screws – as an aside I have not connected the mounting hole pads to any nets, because I heard it would be bad design to connect them to signal ground.

The real reason I am posting is that I am wondering if I can test the board without connectors on the +VIN, +OUT2, and +OUT1 pads?

In the same video, I notice that Robert has wires from the power supply connected directly to the board, as well as the outputs connected to a load. How was he able to connect the wires to the pads? Did he just solder them directly on?
I will likely manufacture the board even if I cannot test it, but I am able to get access to a power supply and a load through my work, and would prefer to be able to test. I would appreciate any advice given.

Thank you,


robertferanec , 09-28-2020, 06:49 AM
Yes, wires are soldered directly to the pads. Here you can also see the setup: https://youtu.be/_bp7bRtX_hI?t=164
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