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LED Footprint

Valderas , 09-10-2020, 05:18 AM
Hi Robert.

I'm doing the 'Learn to Design your own Boards' course. In lesson 4, when you are doing the 0603 LED footprint and adding the 3D model you don't use the 'align face with board' option. And when you also add the green extruded 3D body on the top of the previous 3D you can see it:

I have tested to use the 'align the face with board' option, and the standoff height of the main 3d body increases from 0mm to 0.013mm, so when I add the green extruded 3d body on the top I can't see it.

My questions are:
- It would be a good practice if I use the 'align face with board' option and increase proportionally the standoff height of the green extruded 3d body so that I can see it?
- Why in this case it's not necessary to use the 'align face with board option'? It's because the standoff height is practically the same?

Thank you very much, I'm learning a lot with your course
robertferanec , 09-12-2020, 03:08 AM
If needed, I use align the face with board (it is mostly in the cases when 3d model doesn't have origin set correctly). It is a great feature, just use it. I am not sure why I didn't use it in the video.

PS: I also noticed that the align is not always on the top of the PCB. Maybe something with mask thickness or something like that? I have never really spent much time with investigating that.
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