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Default font of CrossRef parameters of ports

nickagian , 02-15-2018, 08:40 AM

following your video about how to add a page number to a port in AD17, I am wondering how can I configure the font of the page numbers that are displayed.

For sure I can do it after I add them to the schematic, but I don't want to do it each time. Is there a way to define the default font for this parameter? I have searched for it in the Schematic Preferences -> Default primitives window, but nothing seems to be relevant and in any case I have changed everything I could there to Arial 8 but the CrossRef parameter keeps using Times New Roman 10 as font

robertferanec , 02-18-2018, 08:24 PM
That is an interesting question. I am not sure if it can be set ... the usual and easy way to setup defaults is to go into the command and use TAB (everything what you change there, will be used next time when you use the command). However, this can not be done on Ports - I am guessing the ports may be using a default font.

I used to change defaults (including fonts), but I do not do it anymore as when you have to move your project between different computers or different Altium versions (installations), than you end up with half of schematic using one font and the other using different font ... so I just try to keep as many things default as possible (even if I would like to change some of the things - however it is not worth it for the possible future troubles)
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