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Setting all instances of a component as standard (no BOM) type

BobAdams , 01-03-2016, 01:16 PM

Is there a way to set all instances of a certain component as standard (no bom) type?

For example, if I don't want my testpoint pads listed in my BOM and there are a lot of them spread out across multiple pages it would be nice to just set all instances of TESTPOINT to type Standard (No BOM) without having to hunt them all down.
robertferanec , 01-03-2016, 01:26 PM
Probably the simplest way would be change the component in the library and update the schematic.

I would also say, it should be possible to do it through SCH Filter + SCH Inspector, but I would need to try it (I am not in my office).
robertferanec , 01-04-2016, 12:29 AM
@BobAdams, did it help?
BobAdams , 01-04-2016, 04:08 PM
@robertferanec , yes it worked. I updated the component in the library since I've never used the filter/inspector before.
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