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about the pad

CORTEX , 10-17-2016, 03:58 AM
Hi Robert

I have a question for you.

the shape in the picture I have sent in Attachment How do I do it.

Best Regards

mairomaster , 10-17-2016, 06:00 AM

The mounting hole you can do in different ways. The one in the picture consists of a TH pad with 0 pad size and a particular hole size. Also they have probably used a 360 degrees arc on the Solder Mask layer with a particular width, to create the exposed solder mask region for the screw head.
robertferanec , 10-17-2016, 06:51 AM
We just create a component called Mounting hole (in schematic it is a simple 1 pin symbol, in PCB it is a simple PAD). You can check it in one of our projects e.g. download OpenRex Altium files: http://www.imx6rex.com/open-rex/ or our 28Pins project: http://www.28pins.com/download/

CORTEX , 10-17-2016, 02:21 PM
Hi Thanks

I did solder pad externally around the upper.

could be the correct method ?

Best Regards

mairomaster , 10-18-2016, 01:55 AM
I forgot to mention that you also need a keep-out shape, so that polygon pours and other copper won't get into the area - otherwise your risk the screw head to damage something. The easiest way to achieve this is to create the arc on the top layer, to define it as a keep-out (from properties) and to set a solder mask expansion (could be from rules).

However, in general that is not a very good approach in my opinion. I create my mounting holes the same way as Robert - using simple TH pads with a pad diameter big enough for the screw head. Apart from no need to worry about keep-outs, there is a copper surface below the screw head which in theory makes the mounting hole a bit more durable. It also looks better in my opinion and it is the most common method of creating mounting holes.
CORTEX , 10-18-2016, 01:59 AM

up to the diameter of the screw hole made of solder coated with

mairomaster , 10-18-2016, 04:34 AM
I am afraid I don't speak Turkish :P

EDIT: Ok it is in english now
robertferanec , 10-18-2016, 06:36 AM
@CORTEX, as @mairomaster mentioned, your mounting hole PAD diameter should be at least as large as the screw head, otherwise it can make short circuit between your plane and mounting hole.
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