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Abdo , 09-06-2016, 09:06 PM
Reoberto and all guys
I have some question and I wana to get some of your experience to have to deal with my project
I have project with 4 layers
Mid layer1 for ground
Mid layer 2 for VCC
Bottom layer
So my question now
Any pin of components which is liabled VCC in Top layer MUST BE Connected to Mid layer 2 through Via and not any pad connects to mid layer 2 expect VCC pad ( is that right ) because I used AutoRoute and I saw some tracks connected to vcc mid layer where were normal net not vcc
Is there any mistakes
or some configuration I have to do before run AutoRoute
robertferanec , 09-08-2016, 05:24 PM
I do not use Autorouter, so I can not really help much, but maybe some screenshots could help? Also, usually you may be able to specify what layer the autoouter should use.
Abdo , 09-08-2016, 08:09 PM
hi Robert
thanks for you response
I'm fully agree with you about the auto routing is not useful in some aspects

actually i don;t have PC in front of me with Altium but i wil be more specific

i have pcb with 4 layers
1- top
2- for ground
3- for vcc
4 bottom

so let me tell you points clearly
on top i have PIC16F84 for example PIN 8 connected to connector so if i would route from top to bottom what will be happen in layer 2 and 3 if i use the hol through via

2/ how can i route power and ground to layer 2 and 3 wil there any clash with wires or just when i use via it will be isolated when it goes through layer 2 to 3

because i tell myself to see how the auto routing works and see to get a perspective about the track and neat of pcb and i found some net which labaleed normal data such as out from pic connected to bottom that;s fine but connected also to vcc layer where i tell polygon for vcc just i tried to imagine how the data flows from top to buttom and why connected to vcc layers

again thank you
robertferanec , 09-09-2016, 06:20 AM
Hi @Abdo. The simplest way is to try ti by yourself.

1) There are two kind of layers what you can add in Altium: "Layer" or "Plane".

- Layer is initially empty and you draw "cooper". In this case, nothing will happen on L2 and L3. In case you already have routed something in the space where you are placing the through hole VIA, just place the VIA into different location (with no wires on L2 & L3) or move the tracks on L2 / L3. If there is a polygon, Altium will automatically create a hole in the polygon (you may need to "Redraw" the polygons).

- Plane is initially full of copper. If you use a through hole VIA, Altium automatically creates a gap around the VIA on that layer (unless the VIA is connected to the same net as the plane).

2) Have a look at 3D View of the PCB. Maybe that can help? I attached it below.

I recommend you to have a look at our OpenRex design. You will understand immediately. You can download the full Altium projects of OpenRex board >

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