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Can you search for a component or pins in Altium while moving another?

abarnai , 08-29-2016, 08:19 AM
While you are placing component it would be very useful to search for a component or component pin, like in other software. Is it possible? If yes, how do you do it with Altium?
The scenario would be, that say I have both PCB and SCH open, tiled side by side and in the Cross-Select mode. I am moving and placing this R8 component, and then I want to look for a component or pin and place it next to it. (See screen shot.)

Suppose I did not 'eyeball' the component to move R8 to before I started moving R8. Can I search now? The reason it would be way more efficient then searching for the component visually / with a component search before moving the component: because I could be zoomed in all the way and place the component accurately without re-zooming, plus it is much faster just to type what you search to move to then to zoom out than visually highlight it first and 'eyeball' it during the move.
robertferanec , 08-30-2016, 05:24 PM
Hello @abarnai. Did you see this video: Altium – Component Placement & Probing (The New & Old Way)? I use this technique for boards with thousands of components, no problem.

I am not sure if you can search for a component during "moving another one", but in PCB you can simply use PCB panel -> Components -> All Components, click inside the window with list of the components and start writing. Here is a screenshot:

If I need to use a search in schematic, I normally use Edit - Find Text.
abarnai , 08-31-2016, 11:49 AM
Yes, I did see the video. Thank you.

Thank you for your suggestion about searching text in the schematics.

Actually, I did figure out how to make it work: If you hit the letter 'J' for Jump while moving a component for the popup menu and the either select 'Component' or 'Pad' it will snap-move the selected component to the origin of the typed pad or component. See attached short video of moving to a pad (pin) location of a component.

It did not let me upload the video, so I put it on this URL:

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