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Reuse a sheet circuit in multiple places in the same project

gyuunyuu1989 , 07-18-2023, 05:35 PM
Altium has a lot of features that enable design reuse. However, these various features serve different purpose. I have not used even one of them so far since I am a beginner.

In my project I have two specific sheets that I need to reuse. One sheet contains slide switches and push buttons. The other contains LEDs. I have 4 CPLDs on the board. I want that each connects to a copy of these two sheets. In this way, each CPLD will connect to slide switches, push buttons and LEDs dedicated to it but the schematic itself only contains one sheet for slide switch and push button and one sheet for LEDs. The basic idea is that I don't want to create four identical sheets of LEDs and another four identical sheets containing slide switch & push buttons (the only difference being the component designators in this case) and then connect these to the four CPLDs.

What specific feature of Altium do I use to convert these two sheets of interest into blocks that I can then instantiate in other sheets multiple where the CPLDs are present? I have already added ports on these two sheets of interest but don't know the next step. Also, how does Altium name the components in such a case since the designators inside a sheet cannot be reused?

I have not found a video from Robert that covers this topic so far.
qdrives , 07-19-2023, 03:29 PM
First of all your project needs to some hierarchical type: Project / Project options, tab Options. Either Automatic, Hierarchical or Strict Hierarchical.

Then in the schematic:
Place / Sheet symbol, and place a sheet symbol somewhere on that sheet.
Select the file in the sheet symbol properties.

Right click on the sheet symbol -> Sheet symbol actions / Synchronize Sheet entries and ports.
gyuunyuu1989 , 07-20-2023, 12:40 PM
I shall try this out. Do I understand correct that Robert does not have a video on this topic, in case you know the answer to this?
qdrives , 07-21-2023, 01:39 PM
I do not know if Robert has such video, but if you want some visual help:

robertferanec , 07-23-2023, 04:59 PM
I don't have specific tutorial, but we are talking about it in this video: https://youtu.be/SKnI1r2nSTA
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