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AD23: Is it a big bug or a big big bug?

mulfycrowh , 06-27-2023, 10:58 AM
Hi everyone.

I was working with AD23 on a 6 layers project.
I was checking the footprints before sending the files to the manufacturer.
I found a footprint that needs to be a little bit fixed.
I then entered: Update from PCB libraries.
And now I've got the message: 37 of the 363 footprints were not found in libraries. Continue?

This is a very weird warning and a wrong one.
The count of footprints is 120.

Where does it come from?
What can we do?

mulfycrowh , 06-27-2023, 11:31 AM
It is important to say that I never had this warning BUT the missing footprints are about components which are not on the pcb like switches, power supply...
I didn't change anything in the settings.
qdrives , 06-27-2023, 02:13 PM
You could also update from the library.
Right click on the footprint name from the PCB library panel, select "Update PCB with ...."
The only 'problem' is that you do not get a clear indication that the footprint has update or not ("link" could be broken).

Anyhow... confirm that you can open the library that the one on the PCB is 'connected' to.

In a recent test I had it that the "Footprint name" was blank and hence, it would not update from the library.
robertferanec , 06-30-2023, 08:03 AM
I usually go to the library and only update the specific footprint from there (right click on footprint and update it in pcb).

PS: But in your case it looks more like the project is linking to a wrong library or something like that (?)
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