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Show the component reference cross mark at PCBDoc

itramasrd , 01-01-2023, 09:12 AM
Hi all,
Anyone please advise is where can we turn on the component reference cross mark at PCBDoc as below

what normally we see is without component reference cross mark as shown below
WhoKnewKnows , 01-01-2023, 05:05 PM
IIRC, if you open the PCB doc or have that as the active document in Altium. Then select nothing (shift + c or right click and select clear filter). Look to the properties panel and way down near the bottom, you'll find a section called system colors or system layer colors, something like this. In this list will be the color setting for cross hairs or some such. It can be enabled or disabled AWA the color can be set for it. Hope this helps. Good luck and happy new year
itramasrd , 01-01-2023, 11:06 PM
Thanks to WhoKnewKnows, it is works.
By the way the system colors not in Properties but in View Configuration lowest portion, here I attached the picture location

WhoKnewKnows , 01-01-2023, 11:37 PM
Oh, right, of course it's view configuration. Glad you got it going
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