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Some Simple Wishes, hope Altium see them!

JohnsonMiller , 09-29-2022, 03:47 AM
Hi Guys,
Let's make a list of wishes, discusses them, and finally, send them to Altium, hope they see and apply.
- I wish it was possible to select a bunch of components on a schematic page (not all parts on the page) and reset their designators without affecting others.
- Naming and labeling wires and connections is helpful, but I wish it was possible to have control over their visibility. In other words, name and label wires, but when not needed make them invisible.

What wishes do you have?!
qdrives , 09-29-2022, 01:19 PM
Are you talking about ideas or also bug crunches? If both then I send you my document with almost 70 topics.

But on the discussion:
- Why do you want to reset some designators?
- All nets have names. Either visible or invisible. The invisible ones are called R404_2 or so
JohnsonMiller , 09-30-2022, 01:54 AM
@qdrives, Thank you for your reply.
In the newer releases of AD, I have seen some features that we had discussed sometime ago, looks like they are listening and doing it, let's keep our fingers crossed for this list.

"If both then I send you my document with almost 70 topics"
Why not, please upload your wanted change or bug report, hopefully, will be seen and fixed.

Regarding your suggestion for netlabels, yes, we can change color, but why not add a visible/invisible option next to Net Name in the dialog:

qdrives , 09-30-2022, 01:03 PM
"...hopefully, will be seen and fixed." - not much has been. Although I do like the new custom pad feature. Not perfect, but better then we had.

Problems with "hidden" net labels:
- How do you assign it?
- How do you change it?
- If we split the net (remove connecting line) which names should be applied to each section?
- What if we add a visible net label? Same as when we add two visible net labels or do we replace the name?
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