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flipping components and routs to opposite side

johnrjs , 09-14-2022, 10:38 AM
Working on a new revision of a completed design. Because of new mechanical constraint I need to move several clusters of the design to the opposite side (components, routes, vias, silk ...). I can't seem to accomplish this without starting all over. These clusters were massaged for many hours to perfection, so I would hate to have to do that. Any suggestions?
qdrives , 09-14-2022, 02:57 PM
In a simple quick test I did:
- Make sure everything can be selected
- Show all layers.
- Select everything in the region you want to swap.
- Do a 'move' action and press L to switch layers
- Move to desired position and let go of the mouse button.
johnrjs , 09-14-2022, 03:13 PM
beautiful !!!
Thank you Qdrives
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