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About unknown clearance violation between region and text

mulfycrowh , 07-11-2022, 02:31 AM
Hi everyone,

I have the following clearance violation:
Clearance constraint between region and text.

Text is empty ("").

The exact location is shown by the small arrow (see attached screenshot).
When I try to select something on this area with the mouse, there is nothing.

Any idea maybe ?
Thanks a lot.
qdrives , 07-11-2022, 02:22 PM
Is it that layer?
When you zoom in, do you see something (copper)?
mulfycrowh , 07-11-2022, 02:34 PM
Yes this is that layer.
I don't see anything.
mulfycrowh , 07-11-2022, 02:38 PM
The first black hole on PCB !
qdrives , 07-11-2022, 02:46 PM
Violation message?
Tools / Reset Error Markers - as the copper may be underneath the arrow!
If it was text, can you remove the string or put it on another layer?
mulfycrowh , 07-11-2022, 03:33 PM
After resetting error markers, I don't see anything ...
robertferanec , 07-16-2022, 01:42 AM
Can you re-run DRC and attach here a screenshot with detail of the error from PCB Rules and Violations Panel? You can open PCB Rules and Violations panel through the Panel button in the bottom right corner, find there the error and double click on it to see the detail.
mulfycrowh , 07-16-2022, 02:00 AM
Here is the screenshot
robertferanec , 07-16-2022, 02:35 AM
Hmmm ... I am not sure if you can select the empty text object. But you can try - use filter, only enable text, enable L6 only and try to select it in that area. If nothing selects, try this: try to click on the Panel button, and use the PCB List Panel to find that text. That could work.

This is not exactly what I mean, but it can give you an idea: https://youtu.be/wgdCJ1rbNnA?t=358
mulfycrowh , 07-16-2022, 03:57 AM
Even with the selection filter I didn't succeed to remove the text.

So ...
I removed the region and replaced it with a bigger track.
I have no more violation.
Thanks again for your suggestions.
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