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What is the correct method to add units of multi-part shematic symbols like FPGAs

gyuunyuu1989 , 05-23-2022, 07:11 PM
FPGAs can be quite huge and this means that their schematic symbol might actually be split into many different units/parts. Usually this is done along bank number and power supply sections. Thus, there will be a different unit/part for each bank and then units/parts for VCC and ground pins, all are added separately into the schematic, possibly on different pages of the schematic.

Now the question is, when we drag and drop part from library into the schematic window, we get only a single unit/part into it. How do we get the rest? Also, how do we make sure that we do not end up creating multiple copies of the same unit e.g Bank 1, of the multi-part schematic symbol?

I have not found a video that describes this in detail so far for the Altium Designer.
robertferanec , 05-24-2022, 12:31 AM
I don't have Altium accessible right now, but:
- I think you will get ERC error (reference designator will be underlined by a red line) if you assign the same reference designator to the same multiple blocks (?)
- I think when you select a symbol with multiple Parts, then there is a drop down menu somewhere in the properties panel (?)
mulfycrowh , 05-24-2022, 02:58 PM
What I do, I put the first part and then hit Shift, click on the part and drag: you will have the second one and so on ...
WhoKnewKnows , 05-24-2022, 08:16 PM
Optionally, you can place all of the component's parts in a single schematic, then cut a part from the one schematic and paste it to another schematic in order to distribute them. After distribution, press tau on your keyboard and you should see a dialog that tells you how many reference designators need to be updated. Usually I press enter.
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