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Altium Designer does not remember Panels size ( width )

miggarc , 04-04-2022, 02:13 PM

Hi all ...

I like to have panels at left in pop-up Mode.

So, after select the ones I need, I adjust the width I want for each one to appear with,
as you can see from this "Components" Panel when mouse hovered .

Problem is, even if I have Autosave Desktop checked,

if, after saving all files of the project I'm working with and close Altium Designer,
next time I open it, although all panels are exactly the same at left vertical column,
their previous established width ( by me with the mouse ) is gone on mouse hover.
As you can see, the exact same "Components" Panel is now Altium Panel default width.

Please note, if I set panels width (again, pop-up mode) and save to a file at

Preferences - System - View - Desktop - Save Button

when I load the file, none of the panels have the width I previously set before saving them.

Obviously, the question is:

How can we always have each pop-up panel with the width we set with mouse, even after closing and reopen Altium Designer ?

Lots of thanks in advance

Miguel Garcia
qdrives , 04-05-2022, 10:23 AM
This could simply be a bug in Altium. The only way to have Altium fix those bugs is to report them to Altium, either through the support teams or online in BugCruch.
miggarc , 04-05-2022, 02:35 PM
Thanks q drives...

Any other ideas are very welcome ...
robertferanec , 04-05-2022, 11:25 PM
Some time ago I tried to figure out how panels work (organize panels on multiple monitors) and then I gave up. It looks like they still have not improved (fixed) that.
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