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Issue while Updating From PCB Libraries

mulfycrowh , 02-21-2022, 02:22 PM
Hi everyone !

I noticed that Altium 19 doesn't always update the PCB after modifying one footprint.
Sometimes it doesn't update the component sharing the footprint or worse it updates one component but not the other ones sharing the same footprint.
Any idea ?

I found the option to delete the component and to import again.
It costs a lot of time.

mulfycrowh , 02-22-2022, 01:57 AM
Same issue with AD21.
Where does it come from ?
mulfycrowh , 02-22-2022, 02:46 AM
I am still having errors on components sharing a footprint I fixed yesterday.
I learn that 0.1 mm < 0.1 mm !!!!
Sometimes it equals to, sometimes doesn't.
Very difficult to achieve what I want.
qdrives , 02-22-2022, 09:03 AM
1) I do not often update footprints from the library, but I cannot remember if it ever failed (repeatedly). Save, restart Altium, validate design and re-issue update command.
2) The 0.1mm < 0.1mm is a rounding problem in Altium. Bugs like: https://bugcrunch.live.altium.com/#/bug/11506 , https://bugcrunch.live.altium.com/#/bug/6538 , https://bugcrunch.live.altium.com/#/bug/16800 , etc. Upvote a bug that matches your problem.
robertferanec , 02-24-2022, 05:47 AM
- just update the rule to something like 0.101 (I sometimes do that, it may happen for example if you use both mm and mils)
- I have never had problems with updating footprints in PCB, can't really help with this
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