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About component type

mulfycrowh , 01-24-2022, 06:34 AM
Hi everyone,

I notice that component type is not stored.
For example, I changed the resistor type from "Standard" from "Standard (No BOM) because the resistor should not be populated on the board.
I set it yesterday.
Today I notice that the type has changed to 'Standard".

How can I solve this issue I consider to be a bug ?
qdrives , 01-24-2022, 02:10 PM
Are you doing this as a "variant"? If so, why not use variants and apply the "not fitted" attribute?
Did you update from the library?

The component type "Standard (No BOM)" is generally used for items that are placed in schematic and PCB and are NOT components. Things like fiducials, layer numbering symbols/footprints, mounting holes, etc.
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