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mulfycrowh , 01-19-2022, 09:17 AM

I am working on a motherboard.
I am at the very beginning.
I have about 10.000 errors.
That is not the problem.
I would like to search for a given resistor, let's say R45.
I didn't find how to do that.
I converted the report into PDF file. I've got more than 500 pages.
When I start a search with Ctrl F, I don't find anything.

Thanks for help.
qdrives , 01-19-2022, 10:09 AM
Steps to reduce the number of errors:
- Disable or correct rules that a wrong (ie. clearance to high, silk to solder mask, silk to silk, etc.)
- Use the PCB rules and violations to fix rule for rule
For a specific component use the PCB panel to select/ go-to the component. The heads-up display show show violations with the component when the mouse hovers over it (or pad, trace, etc.)
mulfycrowh , 01-19-2022, 10:17 AM
So there is no way to search for a component in the report ?
WhoKnewKnows , 01-20-2022, 07:15 AM
Why do you need to find the error message in the list of error messages for a particular component? Is it because you can see a violation on the component in the PCB design space but there's no indication of what the violation is in the PCB design space?

You can enable the heads-up display and hover the mouse cursor over the violation and the error message for that violation should appear in the heads-up display.

Hope this helps
mulfycrowh , 03-01-2023, 06:17 AM

I am having an issue with the report.
When I click on one violation on the report, AD doesn't show anymore the location of the violation on the PCB.

Any idea?

Thank you.
qdrives , 03-01-2023, 12:35 PM
Restart the rule check
Make sure all layers are enabled (visible). Very annoying, but when the layer is not visible, it may trigger the violation, but does not show the layer in question.

One other thing I once had: comments and designators hidden, but on the legend (silk) layer causing problems (ie. out of board). Again, Altium does not show this (unhides).
mulfycrowh , 03-01-2023, 01:06 PM
@qdrivesThanks for reply but the issue is still there
qdrives , 03-02-2023, 01:59 PM
1) What is the message exactly?
2) What do you have set in the zoom settings (see picture below)? Tools / Preferences -> System / Navigation

3) What is set in the rules and violations panel? Is zoom selected?

4) You mention "...issue with the report" - from where are you working:
- HTML file generated with design rule check?
- Rules and violations panel?
- Messages?
- Other?
mulfycrowh , 03-02-2023, 02:37 PM
@qdrives I have the same configuration as the one you mentioned.
I work from HTML file generated with design rule check
qdrives , 03-02-2023, 02:38 PM
Does the zoom to the violation through one of the other methods (rules and violation panel or messages)?
Is the HTML document opened in Altium itself?
mulfycrowh , 03-02-2023, 02:41 PM
When I click on a violation on the report, the arrow of the mouse turns to the hand icon and that's all
qdrives , 03-02-2023, 02:43 PM
Is the built-in browser enabled?
mulfycrowh , 03-02-2023, 02:58 PM
Yes Built in browser is enabled
qdrives , 03-02-2023, 04:04 PM
I see that the link is special: "dxpprocess://..."
1) What if you (temporarily) disable anti-virus and windows firewall?
2) Perhaps you need to re-install Altium (or run an update to do this?)

And again: does the zoom work when using either of the other two panels are used?
mulfycrowh , 03-02-2023, 04:08 PM
I am currently working on another project and I don't have the issue
qdrives , 03-02-2023, 04:28 PM
Project / Validate ... (either from the PCB or schematic)
And generate the report again.
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