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3D models in Altium 19

Lucky-Luka , 02-05-2021, 03:02 PM
Hi all
Is there a way to orient the view?
How to properly move the IC respect the pin holes? Using the coordinates in the properties tab? How can I know if the holes are centered with the pins?
robertferanec , 02-11-2021, 03:50 AM
Hold SHIFT, hold the RIGHT mouse button, move mouse
WhoKnewKnows , 02-13-2021, 07:41 AM
As Robert writes, this is how you manipulate the view. To adjust the location of the 3D model with respect to the footprint, select the model by left click with the mouse (model appearance brightens), then look to the properties panel to adjust the X, Y, Z location as well as rotation about X, Y, Z axes.

A shortcut to flip the view over is to left click in the work area to bring focus there, then type vb on the keyboard. Also experiment with pressing 0 9 and 8 to see what they do.

X, Y location by appearance of the pins in the holes is usually good enough for a TH component model. Perhaps more important is setting the depth in case mechanical clearance over the part is needed. Look at the part's datasheet and confirm whether the leads are smooth sided, allowing the part to go flat to the PCB surface, or if the leads have stepped sides that prop the component above the PCB surface. Then you can get an idea for a realistic Z location. Good luck!
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