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Parameter Updates and Libraries.

mnpebm , 01-13-2021, 12:41 PM
I have a design that used parts from various libraries, some of which I am not allowed to modify/update.

In my schematics, I have updated numerous parameters in schematic parts.

Going forward, I only want the schematic symbols (and footprints) to point to one library.

Do I do this by "making" a schematic library from the design after I make my updates in the schematics?
Or create an integrated library and then extract the sources, modifying them as needed?

If so, how do I then "point" each symbol to this library I just made?

I of course want the symbols to find their associated footprints.

Thanks for thinking on this with me.

WhoKnewKnows , 01-13-2021, 05:42 PM
If you have the design open in Altium, with one of the design's schematics active, the menu should allow you to create a schematic library from the schematics in the design. The library will be created and added to the project, and opened as a document next to other documents, like the schematic(s). Right click on the tab or on the icon in the Projects panel and select save. Next, with the PCB document active, the menus should allow you to create a PCB library. Altium will generate a PCB "footprints" library and add it to the project and open it as a document next to the PCB document tab(s). Right click on the tab or icon in the Projects panel and save. These libraries should already have the necessary associations between the schematic symbols and footprints.
mnpebm , 01-14-2021, 09:10 AM
Great. I will try this. Thank you.
robertferanec , 01-18-2021, 01:51 AM
Many people use "Project" libraries, so as @WhoKnewKnows suggested, you can create your project library (e.g. in schematic go to Tools -> Make schematic library or Make integrated library).

If your symbols do not point to the right libraries, then in schematic you can try to use: Tools -> Update from Libraries, possibly Tools -> Footprint Manager.

Hope this helps.

PS: There may be some other posts in this forum which are discussing similar topics and which could help you.
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