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I can't add a footprint to a symbol

Lucky-Luka , 12-03-2020, 04:12 PM
Hi all
I'm following Learn Altium Essentials 2nd ed and I'm stuck at Lesson 4: Doing PCB layout.
I was progressing with the lesson when I noticed that in the previous step I forgot to associate the footprint to the C8 capacitor symbol. The result is that I don't have its footprint in the pcb now.
I don't know why I cannot add the footprint to the symbol and moreover I don't know how to update the pcb. Maybe I have to select design --> import changes from project?
Can anyone help me?
Here the link to download my project: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xtf6d0eqdm...O_V1I1.7z?dl=0
I tried to upload it as 7zip but the action wasn't allowed.
Lucky-Luka , 12-03-2020, 04:38 PM
Hi all again
It looks like the late hour affected my mental faculties since I was tring to add a footprint to the wrong capacitor that already had a footprint. Now I thik I managed to correct the problem. Now I cannot hide the rat's nest. view --> connections --> hide all ... and nothing happens...
Can you please check if my project is correct so far and if I have updated correctly the pcb with the C8 8085 footprint? Maybe it's a bug in my Altium version that affect the proper conections visualization... https://www.dropbox.com/s/ohr6fa6fdm...O_V1I1.7z?dl=0
Lucky-Luka , 12-04-2020, 02:39 AM
I still cannot get rid of rat's nest
goncaloc , 12-04-2020, 03:10 AM
Those lines are from the ERC, and indicate nets that are not routed, to clear the lines, go to the menus "Tools" and select "Reset Error Markers"
Lucky-Luka , 12-04-2020, 03:11 AM
Oh, thanks. You are right!
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