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Lost my designators and component outlines

mstamler , 05-15-2020, 08:44 AM
Help!! I don't see any component outlines or designators on top/bottom layers even if I enable designators in the property window. What should I do? See attached.
robertferanec , 05-16-2020, 01:04 AM
Please do not attach docs, most people will not open it. The best is to attach pictures.

PS: Do you have the layers enabled? Try left click on LS button and select All Layers

chitransh92 , 05-23-2020, 03:54 PM
Hello @mstamler ,
It seems you have accidentally used the shortcut "Shift+S" which took you a single layer view mode.. (Happens with me at times.. 😁)

Follow @robertferanec 's suggestion to view all the enabled layers of the design.

"Shift+S" enables you to cycle through your view mode of enables layers from Single layer, All layer and No layer.

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