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Drawing tracks on plane layers?

brs , 04-15-2020, 08:12 AM

Since the power planes are negative, do you know any way to draw tracks on these layers? I know this is not a good idea but I need it at some point.

beamray , 04-15-2020, 11:22 AM
Why don't you use signal layer with traces and polygons?
When board become complex and density become high I always do that with power planes. but try not to do it with GNDs. Once I had board with all layers to be signal, but I tried to place polygons or wide GND traces under signal traces and not overlap signal lines.

But, I do no think there is an easy way to do what you want in negative layers.
robertferanec , 04-16-2020, 07:44 AM
I do not use negative layers to draw tracks.
MrSun , 04-16-2020, 07:13 PM
Originally posted by robertferanec
I do not use negative layers to draw tracks.
@@brs the iMX6 Rex board used signal layers for power(polygons) ,otherwise the iMX6 Rex Development Baseboard used power planes.
robertferanec , 04-17-2020, 05:44 AM
Yeah, the module used polygons because it uses uVias and short tracks on GND layers. Baseboard doesn't have any short tracks so we could use power planes.
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