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NC Drill Files and Gerber Files position mismatch in VIEWMATE

Mahsheed , 02-27-2020, 12:40 AM
When I import Gerber and NC Drill Files in inches, there is position mismatch in Drill points and Gerber data in viewmate. When I download the file in millimeter, then the data mapping of Drill files and Gerber files is exact.

Now my concern is PCBWAY says to import files in inches. So, do I need to worry about the position mismatch in viewmate? as the data in mm is exact.

Lastly if Viewmate still shows data mismatch in inches, can I upload the same data for PCB fabrication without anything to worry about?
robertferanec , 02-27-2020, 12:50 PM
Yes, you can upload the data with no problems.The file is still fine.

PS: I believe the problem is, that Viewmate will not change the units correctly. I am not sure if that is a feature or bug as it has been there for ages.
Mahsheed , 02-27-2020, 01:02 PM
Thank you so much sir for the clarification 😊
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