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Mesharij , 10-08-2016, 01:39 AM
Dear Robert

I have send my PCB board to manufacture (fabrication house) also assembly, they ask me for some PCB specification, some of them which is not understand by me:

(1) Board type : single pieces or panel by customer or panel by the manufacturer ?

(2)Material: Normal FR-4 board or Aluminum Board or Blind bias Board ?

(3) FR4-TG: TG 130-140 or TG 150-160 or TG 170-180 ?

(4) Suface Finish: HASL with lead or HASL lead free or immersion gold or Hard Gold or OSP ?

(5) via process: Tenting Vias or Plugged Vias or Vias not covered ?

(6) Finished Copper: 1 oz Cu / 2 oz Cu / 3 oz Cu / 4 oz Cu ?

And for the assembly:
They ask me Number of SMT Pads and Thru-holes, their is a way to count Pads:l/holes in Altium Desinger ?

Thanking you in advance
robertferanec , 10-10-2016, 10:04 AM
1) we often ask manufacturer to panelize our PCB (panel means, they will "clone" your small PCB and place them more times on a bigger PCB)

2, 3) Usually FR-4 (but depends on stackup and impedance requirements)

4) We usually use Gold (the pads on your PCB will be gold)

5) Tented VIAs (covered with mask, with the Green / Blue / Red etc. color)

6) 1 oz or smaller (depends on application, stackup and impedance requirements)

For assembly, send them pick and place file.

The easiest way for you could be, go and download one of our projects. Go to PCB, have a look at "Manufacturing notes layer" and have a look inside Released file directory - you will see what everything we provide to PCB manufacturing company and assembly house to manufacture our boards. Try 28 Pins or iMX6 Rex projects:

1) http://www.28pins.com/my-account
2) http://www.imx6rex.com/my-account/
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