Advanced Hardware Design Second Edition - Early Access

You will learn how to design boards more effectively and produce professional results.

This course is for Students, Engineers and Professionals and requires some basic knowledge of any EDA tool. If you are just starting with board design, you may want to look at the Learn Altium Essentials course first.


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What you will learn in this course

Starting Project
Essential steps in starting a hardware design project, especially research, importing a reference schematic, setting up a useful folder structure for sorting project files, and creating a realistic project schedule. By the end of the lesson, you'll be better equipped to undertake a successful project.
Drawing Schematic
Fundamental concepts of schematic design, including how to draw a schematic, conventions to follow, and tips to create a clear and readable schematic. Best practices for documentation and error-free schematics. Essential skills and techniques to create a concise and effective schematic design.
Components & Libraries
Components selection for hardware design to prevent production issues. Insights into creating useful libraries for your designs. Knowledge and skills to select the right components for design and create efficient libraries that will improve the design process.
Creating footprints and 3D models for PCB designs. Additionally, you'll discover how 3D models can help you visualize your design and identify potential issues before production. Solid understanding of creating footprints and 3D models and their importance in the design process.
BOM - Bill of Material
Generating professional BOMs (Bill of Materials) and job files, which are essential for successful production. By the end of this lesson, you'll have the knowledge and skills to create effective variants and BOMs to streamline your hardware design workflow.
Essential techniques for checking your libraries and schematic. The importance of thorough library and schematic checks and discovering best practices for identifying and resolving issues before production. Skills and knowledge necessary to perform comprehensive checks on libraries and schematics to design boards that work correctly on the first attempt.
Key techniques for designing PCB layouts and performing effective placement. You'll explore how to get started with PCB layout and discover essential tips and tricks for successful placement. Solid understanding of how to approach PCB layout and placement, as well as the ability to apply these techniques to your own hardware designs.
Advanced techniques for designing PCB layouts, including calculating impedance and designing your own stackup. Best practices for designing layout, as well as methods for calculating impedance and designing a custom stackup. Comprehensive understanding of how to design and optimize PCB layouts for maximum performance and efficiency.
Finishing PCB
In this lesson, you'll learn about HDI stackups and optimizing them. You'll also learn how to finish and check your PCB design, and how to do length matching. By the end of this lesson, you'll know how to design and optimize stackups and finish your PCB for maximum efficiency.
Manufacturing Outputs
Generating professional output documentation for your PCB design such as assembly drawings and Gerber files. Adding important information for manufacturers to ensure your design is produced correctly. Thorough understanding of how to create and share comprehensive documentation to facilitate the production of your PCB.

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This course is not finished yet. We are constantly adding new lessons, however you can get early access to ONLINE option of this course for FREE when you purchase one of these bundles: Company Package FEDEVEL Academy Courses 2.0, Three hardware design courses 2.0, Three hardware design courses + EMC.

Your instructor
Robert Feranec

With over 20 years of experience in the electronics industry, Robert Feranec is a distinguished engineer who has contributed to numerous high-profile projects. His diverse roles include hardware designer at VOIPAC Technologies and senior hardware engineer at EUROTECH.

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