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USB Hub Design Walkthrough - Phil's Lab #86

How to design your own USB 2.0 high-speed, four-port hub. From system overview, through to schematic and part selection, to PCB design and layout.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:30USB Hub Basics
  • 02:06Altium Designer Free Trial
  • 02:24Block Diagram
  • 06:01Power Supply
  • 07:57USB Host Connection
  • 09:37Decoupling
  • 10:36Crystal and Load Capacitors
  • 11:27Strapping Pins
  • 13:25USB Devices Connections
  • 14:28Load Switches
  • 16:04PCB Overview
  • 17:44Stack-Up
  • 18:34Controlled Impedance
  • 20:19Diff Pair Routing and Matching
  • 22:32Reference Planes and Transfer Vias
  • 23:47Misc. USB Hub Connections
  • 24:37QFN Decoupling
  • 25:40Power Routing
  • 26:52Misc. Points (Cap Placement, Silkscreen, Mounting Holes, ...)
  • 28:48Short Test/Demo