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USB High Speed Routing (ULPI, Delay Tuning) - Phil's Lab #67

Routing tips for USB High-Speed (HS) ULPI interfaces. Including guidelines on timing requirements, controlled impedance, package/via/trace delays, Altium tips, and more.
  • 00:00Zynq System-on-Module and Carrier Board
  • 01:22Zynq Schematic Design Video
  • 01:55ULPI Design Guide
  • 03:44Useful Datasheets
  • 05:09ULPI Timing Calculations
  • 08:02Package Delay
  • 08:56Getting Package Delays (Vivado)
  • 10:01Entering Delays in Altium Designer
  • 10:58Via Delay
  • 11:48Accounting for Carrier Board Routing
  • 12:37Length/Delay Matching in Altium Designer
  • 13:17Controlled Impedance