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Tutorial 5 for Altium Beginners: Generating Manufacturing Outputs

This video is about: Generating Gerbers, Bill of Materials (BOM), NC Drill Files, PDF Schematic, 3D PDF, 3D STEP File, Assembly Drawings, Draftsman, Pick and Place in Altium Designer
  • 00:00Creating Job file and printing Schematic into PDF
  • 06:22Generating 3D PDF and 3D model
  • 13:01Printing Layers into PDF in 1:1 Scale
  • 19:09Printing Assembly Drawings into PDF
  • 25:14Creating Assembly Drawing in Draftsman
  • 32:37Generating Pick & Place file
  • 34:31Generating Gerber files
  • 39:25Generating Drill file
  • 41:42Generating BOM (Bill of material)
  • 53:07Complete project on Github
  • 54:03Thank you