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System Identification with Matlab - Control System Design 3/6 - Phil's Lab #9

How to gather and use real-world, open-loop step response data to estimate system parameters and transfer functions. Comparison with previously derived mathematical model, as well as model verification.
System identification in Matlab using the 'PID Tuner' app, which is part of the 'Control System Toolbox'.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:05Overview
  • 00:45Mathematical System Model
  • 01:44Complications
  • 02:27Lengths and Masses
  • 02:46Moment of Inertia
  • 03:33Motor Conversion Gain
  • 05:19Real-World Test Set-Up
  • 07:25C# USB Communication GUI
  • 07:59Matlab System Identification (Data Preparation)
  • 09:50Matlab System Identification (Plant Identification)
  • 13:59Model Comparison, Verification, and Parameter Estimation