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STM32 + SWD + ST-Link + CubeIDE | Debugging on Custom Hardware Tutorial - Phil's Lab #4

Guide on how to connect, check, program, and debug your custom STM32-based hardware via SWD and the ST-Link debugger utilizing STM32CubeIDE.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:28ST-Link
  • 01:08Hardware Connections
  • 02:11ST-Link Utility (Checking that we can connect to STM32 MCU)
  • 03:37STM32CubeIDE (Programming and debugging software package)
  • 05:22Enabling SWD
  • 06:04Setting up an external high-speed crystal (HSE)
  • 07:10Additional peripheral selection
  • 08:50LED blinking test code
  • 09:44Building code and checking for compiler errors
  • 10:02Debug configuration, debugging, and flashing via ST-Link
  • 11:26Running, pausing, and setting breakpoints
  • 12:20Hardware running code